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Be Ready To Capitalize On Opportunity

As a biotech entrepreneur or a life sciences professional, it is critical to secure a solid financial plan. The industry is full of both risks and opportunities, and career opportunities may lead to significant swings in income., so it’s important to consider how to utilize any resources generated during that time while being prepared for many possible outcomes.

At Kreitler Financial, we specialize in helping our clients create a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to their unique circumstances. Managing uncertain career income and equity payouts presents challenges in balancing living for the present with preparing for future. Legacy planning is one example that can make the biggest impact with your finances. Asset protection and generational wealth transfer can help ensure that your service as a life sciences professional or your biotech company has the biggest impact for loved ones, your community, and the greater world.

We take pride in working with clients who have achieved a great level of success. Our clients value our expertise and holistic approach to wealth management and are committed to long-term relationships. Although our clients have investible wealth from $2MM to more than $100MM, we also welcome potential clients who are on the path to reach that target net worth in a reasonable amount of time. If you feel you are a fit, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Comprehensive planning coordinating your financial affairs
  • Balancing today with a potential bigger future
  • Strategies designed to adapt to uncertain outcomes such as whether equity sales are successful
  • Financial organization to reduce complexity
  • Prioritization of important decisions to maximize your time and improve accountability
  • Portfolio management designed to manage taxes and simplify coordination of multiple accounts
  • Tax management strategies
  • Family legacy and charitable impact planning
  • Ask about other services that may be available to you

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