Becoming a Client



We serve a diverse base of clients

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Many of our clients are professionals who come to us to provide them with advice on the very complex issues of retirement planning. University professors, senior managers and business owners, as well as those who inherit significant assets, rely on us to help preserve or change their lifestyles. Our services are best suited for clients with $2 million in investable assets or greater, or those who we believe can reach this in a reasonable amount of time.

We value developing long-term, meaningful relationships with every one of our clients. We will begin with one or two informal meetings to allow us to learn as much about each other as possible. We believe it should be a good fit for everyone, including the client to develop an understanding of how we will work with him or her.

During these meetings, we’ll seek to understand the client’s objectives. Frequently, interviews result in establishing preliminary financial and investment objectives.

Read more about our process for new clients.

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We believe our clients look to us to assist them with:

Making complex financial planning goals more achievable, with strategies that are easy to implement

Managing their portfolios with the emphasis on meeting long-term objectives and avoiding investment fads

Putting in place a financial system to help protect loved ones

Simplifying investment management by outsourcing day-to-day investment management to us, allowing them to focus on the big picture of lifetime goals.