Legacy And Estate Planning

Securing The Future For Generations

Family is everything, and many people have a deep desire to prepare the way for the next generation’s success. Transferring wealth should mean more than just passing off assets to your next of kin. With great care, a comprehensive plan that accomplishes your desires for wealth transfer is more than possible. In fact, our goal at Kreitler Financial is to carry out the legacy of our clients – and to see the next generation succeed financially and beyond. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to understand and address the individual needs of each family.

Services that we offer include: goal development to ensure that we care for what matters most to you, family and multigenerational education and resources, assistance with estate planning and connections to legal and tax experts, trust planning and services, tax mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of taxation on beneficiaries, and other customized services to meet your needs.

At Kreitler Financial, we are proud to work with clients who have achieved a great level of success and who are committed to long-term relationships. Our clients have investible wealth from $2MM to more than $100MM and value our expertise and holistic approach to wealth management.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.

  • Financial organization
  • Comprehensive plan
  • Your legacy
  • Trust design and management
  • Caring for family in case of loss/unexpected events
  • Generational wealth transfer
  • Coordinating with estate planning/tax experts
  • Listening/personalization
  • Goal Development
  • Gifting/loans to family
  • Ask about other services that may be available to you

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Our Process

We start by listening and connecting with you. Then we help you achieve clarity, and confidence through our structured multi step process. As our relationship develops, we address your personal cornerstones and analyze each of the 10 critical wealth management concepts which uncover any financial blind spots.