Suddenly Single


Making A Plan When The Unexpected Happens

Moving Forward With Clarity And Confidence

Making a plan when the unexpected happens can be difficult. Finding yourself single through the loss of your partner whether through death, divorce or other circumstances may leave you with feelings of emotional and financial overwhelm. Whether it’s an inheritance, a settlement, or simply gaining clarity on your financial affairs, it is very important to understand your financial situation and develop a plan accordingly.

Kreitler Financial will take the time you need to develop a thorough understanding of your new situation and build a customized plan so you can move forward with greater financial confidence. Whether your priorities are carrying for others or investing in your own future, we understand the importance of listening to your instincts and taking your time to avoid any future regret. How do you want to leave your legacy?

Our clients value our expertise and holistic approach to wealth management and are committed to long-term relationships. Although our clients have investible wealth from $2MM to more than $100MM, we also welcome potential clients who are on the path to reach that target net worth in a reasonable amount of time. If you feel you are a fit, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

    • Your legacy
    • Caring for family in case of loss/unexpected events
    • Coordinating with estate planning/tax experts
    • Listening and personalization
    • Goal Development
    • Financial organization
    • Portfolio management process
    • Regular communication to adapt to world
    • Comprehensive plan
    • What to do with inheritance?
    • Reliability of Kreitler Financial Service
    • Ask about other services that may be available to you

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