University Academics

and Professionals

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A Plan For Peace Of Mind Now And In The Future

As a university academic or professional, you’re likely used to comprehensive planning and timelines. But when it comes to retirement, there’s more to consider than just your finances. Coordinating with tax and legal advisors, designing a retirement income replacement strategy, and keeping everything in one spot can be a challenge.

Achieving financial success is a journey, not a destination. Together, with our experienced team at Kreitler Financial, the latest technology will be used to design and customize a plan to manage your finances and bring you peace of mind for your future.

Kreitler Financial is proud to work with clients who have achieved a great level of success and who are committed to long-term relationships. Our clients have investible wealth from $2MM to more than $100MM and value our expertise and holistic approach to asset management. We also welcome potential clients who are on the path to reach that target net worth in a reasonable amount of time.

If you feel you are a fit, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Goal Development
  • Financial organization
  • Comprehensive plan
  • Prioritization/timeline for decisions
  • Coordinating with tax/legal advisor
  • Retirement income replacement strategies
  • Everything in one spot (portfolio and other finances)
  • Having a system to manage finances as I age
  • Ask about other services that may be available to you

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Our Process

We start by listening and connecting with you. Then we help you achieve clarity, and confidence through our structured multi step process. As our relationship develops, we address your personal cornerstones and analyze each of the 10 critical wealth management concepts which uncover any financial blind spots.